Federation Youth Groups Support Informal Settlement Communities in Data Collection about Essential Services

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: to be a leading institution in empowering organizations of the poor in Malawi to be socio-economically self-reliant through capacity building initiatives.

Our Vision: to empower poor communities to become materially and intellectually self-reliant.

The Centre for Community Organisation and Development (CCODE) is a Malawian non-profit organization founded in 2003. CCODE was established to enhance the living conditions of the poor in Malawi by empowering them to change their lives. The organisation holds the belief that purposeful action is needed to promote the inclusion of the poor in development.

CCODE works in alliance with the Federation of the Rural and Urban Poor in Malawi (formerly called Malawi’s Homeless People’s Federation), a grassroots network of poor communities involved in community savings programmes as well as other groups with a common positive goal. CCODE supports the Federation on building people’s capacity to undertake activities of slum upgrading, slum prevention, creating partnerships with relevant stakeholders, creating livelihoods, tackling HIV/AIDS issues as well as gender-related issues. CCODE provides technical support to the Federation in all its programmes.

When communities decide to pursue a development initiative, CCODE provides guidance, capacity building and technical assistance and facilitates access to resources. This approach reflects CCODE’s belief that the poor should be incorporated into all aspects of development, ranging from identifying and prioritizing problems to developing and implementing the actual solutions.

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